Saturday, August 15, 2015

Closet Cosplay and Makeup TimeLapse New Rin UR (#666) - Rintare

Hello again! I am pumpin' out blog posts this week! After Lilitare showed me the new set of SR/UR's in JP School Idol Festival, I was struck by inspiration!

Look at Rin, so cute!! I was just thinking, hey, I have a white dress and a flower crown, let's do a closet cosplay!! As I sat down to do my makeup I thought it might be a good idea to film a little time lapse on my iPhone. So without further adieu, here's the video!

Here is my product list:
EOS New Adult Green

MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere in Radiant Pink
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in W24
MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25
BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush Palette (for contour and highlight) - bleh looking back, I didn't blend very well!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Classic

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (I blended a few orange shades!)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (to prime)
Urban Decay Naked 2
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Black - No lashes for today! Have to save them for cons!!

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

And here are some pictures!


Thanks for reading and watching!! xoxo

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ryuu Lyon Cosplay (Danmachi) - Rintare

Horray! It's time for my first full cosplay blog! In these cosplay blogs I plan on talking about each aspect of my cosplay from wig down to shoes! I remember being in a cosplay rut not knowing what I wanted to do for there I was watching Danmachi or Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? with the other tares. At the very end of the episode, here comes Ryuu, not in her maid clothes, but instead in this bad ass dungeon-ready get up. I knew this was it! It was the cosplay I had been searching for all summer! It was nice not being a cute idol for once!

The first thing I looked into was ears! After looking around, I decided on Aradani Small Anime Elf Ears. I DID NOT get them painted because Lilitare is a painter and I knew she would help me make these ears amazing! I saved $5, yay! I really recommend these ears for your next elf cosplay!

The ears out of the box, unpainted. Also, a tiny bottle of spirit gum!

I got stuck looking for a wig for a long time. I went into it thinking her hair was just a short blond bob, but I was very wrong...Her hair is actually this yellow-green color and I could NOT find a matching shade. It even says the hair is green on her wiki page, like, what?? I was even willing to shell out for an arda wig if it would match, but none of their shades matched what I was looking for! So, after scouring the depths of aliexpress, I finally found a wig that was as close as I was going to get to Ryuu's color. Of course, this wig had no reviews and only 1 picture...I bought it anyway...It's actually supposed to be a Hanayo Wig from Love Live!
Here it is out of the package! Kind of a bad Hanayo wig, no?
After curling.
I had never curled a wig before and I thought it would be easy peasy, like straightening! After a solid hour of attempting to curl and it not working, I hunted down some tips and tutorials and learned that SPRAYING WATER on the sections of hair before curling them will make them stay!! Good to know!

For contacts I wanted something really blue. I went with EOS Neon Blue lenses. They were OK. I felt that my eyes were more buggy than I wanted, but I guess the color was there.

Selfie on the way to the con!
My major concern was the cape! I knew the cape was the key component of this cosplay, so it had to be good! I've never made a cape before, so it was kind of a challenge...Focusing in on the hood, my idea was the make a wire frame for the "leaves". I used flower wire I had laying around in my house and bias tape to hold it along the edges of the hood. There was a lot of trial and error involved in shaping these leaves, but in the end it came out alright! I started off using the hood of one of my jackets as a base shape and then drew in the leaves. I kind of messed up with the back of the cape...the actual cape part...I didn't have enough bias for a larger cape, so it ended up kind of small and weird fitting, but I didn't mind it too much. There's a lot of changes I would have made if I had more time!! (Peep the fringe and safety pin closure ; v;)

The shirt I had made with help from a friend, but it turned out to no fit me correctly at all...I asked my seamstress aunt to help me fix it, but she ended up just making a whole new shirt! She also had the idea of sewing on some nude colored diamonds where Ryuu has holes in her shirt for ease of construction.

Making gloves was a pain with all the little curves! This fabric also wasn't very stretchy. Some fingers may have been strangled during the fitting process! I went for the easy method of just tracing your hand out on paper and then cutting it out.

For pants I just ordered some spandex shorts in dark green. They were very comfy and cute! For the boots, I made boot covers and covered up some $4 heels. This was my first time making full covers and my friend and I used the saran wrap and tape method to make a pattern. What I don't really get still is how you're supposed to sew the two side you make together, they're two different curvy shapes that somehow fit together??? I just used a hot glue gun to press the fabric onto the cheap heels.

Weapons were all made by Kuritare, what a precious angel he is. Definitely check out his tutorial posts for Ryuu's weapon!!

Photo by Shifty Studios
Photo by Shifty Studios

And this is the completed cosplay! A lot of people helped me with this cosplay, so a big thank you to everyone! I really couldn't have done this without your support! I got a lot of meaningful positive feedback from this cosplay and that just made me realize how great my friends and family are!

Thanks for reading my first full cosplay blog! I will do full reviews or tutorials of anything if anyone asks, don't be shy!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kuritare Review: Vassen Hyper Red Circle Lenses

The video above covers most you need to know about these lenses, but here we can get a little more in depth opinions on these lenses. I will also discuss details of each lighting type.

Indoor direct light was not as noticeable. So night time it won't be so prevalent but your eyes do seem bigger and have a darker look to them.

For pictures, I would avoid having your hair (or in maou's case, his visor) cast a shadow over your eyes. Makes it much deeper and hard to see, but same as above, creates a dark devilish look to them.

Outside/strong sunlight is your best bet for having these really pop. They even get a nice shimmer on them if your tearing as hard as I was trying to keep my eyes open in that sun.

My personal opinion, male characters don't need extremely brilliant eyes. Therefore, I tend to go for more subtle and serious designs and colors. If I were to cosplay a girl with iconic red eyes (Like Nico Yazawa) I would go for a flashier design and maybe even more color variance to really get that vibrant look. When it comes to characters like Bell Cranel (Danmachi) who is iconically known in and out of anime for having white hair and red eyes, I would go for a brighter lens color than this, but careful not to go too light because if you have dark eyes they will not show as nicely. This is why my general rule of thumb is go for the darker colors because they will show up better in appropriate light. A color that is too light will give your eyes better shine, but the color just won't show as well. (None of these are facts I know, but in my experience this is how it's been).

I store these contacts away for months at a time, and I always forget to rinse them before popping them in, creating a burning sensation which reddens my eyes initially. Be careful for this!

Final Verdict:
As red contacts: 8.5/10. More comfortable than usual contacts I've tried, however doesn't get put on as easily, and slides around when you initially put them on.
For Bell/Maou Cosplay: 7/10. They did the job in keeping eye color accurate, but many pictures won't capture this color. I'd go for something just generally stronger and brilliant. The design is a nice and subtle and definitely maintains a level of masculinity.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Review - StoreDogDog

I recently just made a big purchase from storedogdog with my birthday money! I've been wanting to grab a few things from shopinuinu, but after the creation of storedogdog everything became cheaper, making it that much easier to shop! (You can read more about the difference between the two stores on your own). I figured I could write up a quick review for these goodies!

As you can see from my little cruddy quality phone picture, I got quite a few things! 

I like the shirt a lot! I can wear it to work or dress it down to wear out. The material itself is soft and comfy, but the quality was a little questionable. There's a lot of uncut threads hanging around and they even forgot to cut open one of the button holes! Whoops! Nevertheless, still a cute shirt.

This dress was a one size fit all dress. I figured it would baggy, but that's fine if you're going for the babydoll look?? The white stripes are satin-y ribbons and were really wrinkly and kind of sloppy. Hopefully I can iron it nicely!

Adorable shirt! It also is one size only so don't expect it to be form fitting. It's the pop of color that my closet needed!

I got this skirt in MEDIUM!! I am a Small in basically all US clothes. This skirt fits perfectly on my waist, thank goodness! My waist measurement is about 70cm (and so it this skirt). Super cute and the perfect length for me.

I am really excited about this skirt for so many reasons. It's one size fits all because it's all stretchy, so I don't have to worry about eating a lot and popping out of my skirt! It's reversible?!? Awesome 2 skirts in 1! Yes, sign me up.

So...unfortunately I got these shorts in size Small so they are way too small for me...I kind of just looked at the inches and thought I was a 26 (like I am in Forever 21 pants??) I don't know, I am just sad because these shorts are so cute and surprisingly nice quality!?! :(((

I got a little egg coin purse for myself because I needed one! I grabbed a pair of egg socks and bandaid socks too. So cute and meshy = w= The socks barely fit me, so do watch out! I'm a size 7.5 (US Womens). They also gave me chokers maybe because I bought so much stuff?? 

Here I am ready to take on the internet! Overall I'm happy with my purchase and I spent just over $100 so I got free DHL shipping. My order arrived super fast. For now I should probably block myself from visiting this store! Thanks for reading!
P.S. we hope to get some more convention pictures back soon!!