Hello everyone,

I am Kuritare! I am a 21 year old weeaboo bitch. I started off cosplaying in 2012. My first cosplay was on a whim during Otakon 2012. I had friends who cosplayed and they were telling me to make something simple, so I just grabbed some clothes I had and created a prop for Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It was quite the experience and was a lot of fun but I never got around to doing it because all the cosplaying friends grew distant. This is when I met Lilitare and she was telling me how she wished she could cosplay. At the time I liked Lilitare and decided I would dress as a girl so she had someone to support her endeavors. I also added Alibaba Saluja to my lineup and making everything, especially the sword, was tons of fun. At the con, even though I was big, no make up, had an ill-fitting wig, and even the skirt was sewn wrong, people wanted me and Lili's photo. This is what made me want to continue cosplaying.

First Cosplay: Pride - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

So I mentioned I was a stupid weeaboo bitch. Well it's true. I am infamous for being very emotional and crying during sad moments in anime. I am bad with my emotions and it's pretty embarrassing. I dove very deep into anime and now I am really just a fan of everything, even the things that that are frowned upon, like excessive fan service and harems. Before I was a weeaboo I played a lot of video games. I still play a lot, mainly Dota 2, League of Legends, Bioshock, and a ton more. If anyone ever wants to discuss games or anime I have a lot to say.

So how did I get into TareTareTare? Well it started kind of at Otakon when I cosplayed with Lilitare. Rintare was a childhood friend of mine and she was also a weeb but she never took that anywhere other than talking about anime with a handful of friends. I introduced her to Lili, and they hit it off. She also felt the satisfaction of cosplay, but she never made her own stuff until Katsucon 2014. Our first group cosplay was at Anime USA 2014, and TareTareTare was born.

In TareTareTare, I am the graphic designer and I help the others make props. We all have our specializations, but we all make our own cosplays in the end.

Not Cosplay Related Facts:

Outside of cosplay, I love to dabble in a lot of things. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. I am currently in University studying Information Systems. I am 21, despite looking like a 12 year old man baby. I play electric guitar, drums, and bass. Currently am enjoying electronic music but I have been all over the place when it comes to music. At school, I was the president of the eSports Organization where I would host tournaments that were funded and sponsored by big name developers.

Since a lot of people wonder, I am actually very straight. I love cute girls. I love everything about girls. And because of this I may come off really gay. But it's more like I'm so in touch with my sexuality I don't mind doing some risque things. I don't particularly like dressing like a girl, but damn do I make one good looking girl.

My shoulders are my best and worst feature. They actually are really large for my size and cause me all types of cosplay and non-cosplay inconveniences.

I love to meet new people so if you ever want to talk to me you can contact me through our social medias or a personal:


Personal: impooping
Weeb: kawaiifaggotdesu


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