Hello, I am Rintare!! 

Hmm..a little about me...
I've always loved anime and manga growing up, but I didn't know much about the world of cosplay until 2014 when taretaretare first assembled at Otakon! I really want to work hard to make the nicest costumes I can even though I'm just a beginner ;^) I don't really know how much more time and devotion I can dedicate to cosplay because I plan on going to medical school! I basically don't exist when the semester starts...

I started getting into cosplay after meeting Lilitare when I went to my first con (Otakon 2014). Kuritare, a childhood friend, thought I would really love going to cons after all my years of weeb devotion and he was right! taretaretare didn't cosplay together until AUSA 2014. Since then, I've been working hard to catch up to the others' cosplay experience (I KNOW NOTHING). I basically took a nosedive into cosplay and sometimes it's really overwhelming, but I try my best! At first I just really wanted to buy everything because it was cost and time effective, but Kuri and Lili convinced me to make my own things. I was really afraid of receiving negative responses towards my cosplay, but in the end I realized as long as we had fun, it didn't matter. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish a cosplay project is indescribable!

Kuritare and Lilitare call me the hair and makeup expert :'^) I can spend over an hour getting ready to go out...and even longer getting ready for cosplay. I love talking about makeup!!! >:))))) I am completely obsessed with eyebrows. I also know nothing about hair, so a few days before a con I will dedicate an entire day to wig styling where I stand there and figure out what to do with my wigs and then I do stuff to the wig until it looks somewhat right :'''')

My hobbies consist of...a lot of video games. I play Dota 2, LoL, Hearthstone, and currently a lot of Tera. I also invest a lot of time into phone games like Love Live School Idol Festival, Puzzle & Dragons, and Line Play. \(; u ;)/

Now that we've covered the basics...more bits about me! 

My first cosplay was Shiro from No Game No Life (Otakon 2014)! 

My aunt made this costume for me...she is an incredible seamstress *0* Maybe I'll write a post all about this costume later! This was really an amazing first con for me...NGNL was really at its peak in the season and I was overwhelmed by the attention I was getting, but it was fun! My favorite memory of this con was the Crunchyroll live stream when I walked up and the messages blew up about Shiro! 

My favorite anime/mangas...are plentiful! I love all the classics and all the seasonal stuff too! In regards to Love Live!...my favorite seiyuu is Rippi so I love Rin and I also love Kotori because she is a princess *v* My first cosplay I made entirely on my own was Natsuiro Egao de 1 2 Jump Kotori for Colossalcon 2015! That's pretty much the first time I sewed something...I SLAVED OVER THIS.

My birthday is July 5th!

I have 3 dogs!

I have a nose piercing, but I take it out for cosplay so you probably won't see me with it at a con!

I hope to make lots of new friends, even though I am MORE SHY THAN SHYGUY :')) Help me learn how to interact with society! pls talk to me pls pls pls!!!!

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